So as you may or may not know, some of the gay male/male weight gain stories I’ve written in the past are now available on DeviantArt.

I’m still going to write gender neutral short stories to be posted on here, which will also be posted to the Fat Fantasies deviantart account. The new DeviantArt is just somewhere to dump stuff I’ve written in the past so it can be found by those who don’t have accounts on the messageboard sites.

There are a couple of new Fat Fantasy stories in the works, just tweaking things a little.

Anonymous asked:

If you'd like, I wouldn't mind if you made it gay males

Hmm. I considered it for a while. But the thing is, whilst the followers on here seem to be mostly into the m/m stuff, the followers on Deviantart are mostly into m/f stuff. And it’s cool that I can get both those audiences for the same work. It means working with self-imposed limits, but that’s part of what makes it fun.

Besides, if I did all these as m/m stories, I would probably just end up recreating some of the cliches I’ve picked up from reading m/m stories. Doing it this way forces me to avoid that.

Time to address some of the requests that I invited a while back and then didn’t have time to respond to…

ANON 1 - I don’t know what happened to the first part of your message, but I haven’t received it. Regarding male/male stories, I aim to keep the stories on this blog gender neutral because I like this eclectic mix of followers that I’m getting and there’s not a lot of weight gain stuff where you can imagine yourself in the main role regardless of your gender. However, I’ve been thinking for a while of doing gay versions of some of these stories, perhaps on a separate blog. Depends on the level of demand.

ANON 2 - Couple weight gain is difficult to do within the context of gender neutral stuff, but I have a vague idea for something which is based on two people gaining, although not within the context of a couple. We’ll see how it works out.

ANON 3 - Obviously, ex-jocks mutually gaining isn’t a gender neutral idea, but that aside I just feel like that particular scenario has been done to death and honestly I don’t have much interest in recreating the wheel. There’s a lot of good stuff on Beefyfrat on those themes. Also, maybe it’s because I’m bisexual or not in “the community” or not American or whatever, but I really don’t identify with that whole jock/twink/chub differentiation so I’d have no idea how to go about writing it.

Anyone else who sent me requests: I’m working on it. ;-)

Fat Fantasy #13

I took another swig of water and adjusted my sunglasses as I shifted my weight from one foot to another. The queue was moving slowly and I couldn’t believe I’d already been standing here for ten minutes. It was pretty rare to see a queue this big outside a donut store, but I guess the barbaric temperatures had encouraged everybody to seek out any cold beverage they could find and most of the people coming out of the store were carrying iced smoothies or frappucinos.

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fatjocks asked:

How come you don't upload stories anymore?

1) Going through an insanely busy phase, which is due to ease up at the start of May.

2) Not really “feeling it” at the moment. You have to be in a certain mood to write this stuff and I go through phases. But I haven’t forgotten this site and it hasn’t been abandoned.